Alex is a company specialised in all aspects of international commerce. Since its creation in 1984 by Vincent Gimet and Virgilio Lopez, the company's mission has been to help develop export business for French companies.

Over the last 10 years our customer base has grown into many different sectors and our clients can be found all over France and in other European countries.

Our present objective is to help companies from other countries from inside and outside the European Union, develop their export business to France and other European member states.


Alex is a member of the CGI-SAI (French Trade Union for International commerce) and has many contacts in many different business circles, also in national and local government authorities such as the CORDEXA.

We have long standing relations with some of the most important French authorities in international commerce

D.R.C.E. : Direction du Commerce Extérieur - Antenne Auvergne

C.O.F.A.C.E. :

A.R.D. : Agence Régionale du Développement,

C.R.C.I.A. : Chambre Régionale du Commerce et d'Industrie d'Auvergne

CGI - SAI : Organisation Professionnelle du Commerce Inter-entreprise